HydroPro Plan - For Residential Plumbers

HydroPro Plan
Up to $20,000 Value
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  • System Sizing, Design & Diagrams
  • In-Field Pre Installation Assessment
  • In-Field Project Completion Assessment & Energy Efficiency Optimization
  • 100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Co-Op Marketing to Support your Growth
  • Press Releases Completed for your Projects
  • Social Media Platform Built for Your Business
  • Gift Cards for Competitive Advantage


2 Brand product commitment
Lochinvar: 10 units installed per year
Bell & Gossett/Goulds: 30 units installed per year
Utilizing WE mobile app • Register product at install via picture of serial number
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HydroPro Plus
2 Brand product commitment
Lochinvar Units: 20 units installed per year
Bell & Gossett/Goulds: 60 units installed per year
Utilizing WE mobile app • Register product at install via picture of serial number
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For over 90 years Wallace Eannace has supported contractors in their endeavors to run best-in-class plumbing and HVAC businesses.  Historically, select contractors have requested and received high value activities on a fee for service basis.  Through the HydroPro Plan, Wallace Eannace is now making a suite of services available to all Contractors.  The cost is small the value is high!

Plan Type






HydroPro Plus




Technical & Sales Training:  (training at WEA office unlimited all year)
HydroPro2x per year at your office – catered
HydroPro Plus4x per year.  3x at your office.  1x at restaurant
System Sizing & Design:
HydroPro PlusUnlimited
System Diagrams:
HydroPro PlusUnlimited
Pre–Install Assessment:        (on job site)                         (via phone)
HydroPro3 per yearUnlimited
HydroPro Plus6 per yearUnlimited
Energy Eff. Optimization          (on job site)
HydroPro3 per year
HydroPro Plus6 per year
100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee  (all products)
HydroPro PlusIncluded
Gift Card – Lochinvar/B&G   (registration required)
HydroPro PlusX+
Marketing Support – Social Media Platform Build
HydroPro1 platform 
HydroPro Plus1 platform
Marketing Support – Press Release Format & Post
HydroPro4 per year
HydroPro Plus8 per year
Co-op Marketing
HydroPro Plus$1,000
Monthly Prize Raffles
HydroPro1 prod = 2 ticket
HydroPro Plus1 prod = 3 ticket
End of Year Award Ceremony
Award #1 – Most products used
Award #2 – Best Co-op marketing
Award #3 – Most complex job


Product Training

Trainings are provided at contractor’s office/ shop, including a catered meal. HydroPro Plus members also receive one (1) training at a local restaurant.  Trainings at restaurants are kept short so contractor firms can enjoy dinner with their co-workers and network with Wallace Eannace technical staff.

System Sizing & Design

Wallace Eannace will review your project specifications, assess outcome requirements, and advise on best products to ensure a system that is priced competitively, optimized for performance, and centers on a quick, error free installation.

System/ Piping Diagrams

Wallace Eannace will provide a piping and instrumentation diagram showing the piping and related components of a physical process flow.  This includes: Mechanical equipment with names & numbers, all valves and their identifications, process piping, sizes and identification, vents, drains, special fittings, sampling lines, reducer, flow direction, permanent star-up and flush lines, equipment ratings and capacity.

Pre Installation Assessment

Wallace Eannace Service Team will conduct a detailed field-survey of existing conditions to ensure your project is designed for easy, error free installation, thus minimizing completion time and costly oversights.

Energy Efficiency Optimization

Wallace Eannace Service Team will conduct a detailed review of your system installation to ensure it is optimized for energy efficiency, long term operating success, and to meet customer expectations.  We understand the adage, “your only as good as your last customer experience”.  Taking this into account, we work as your partner towards each project’s success.


100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee

Wallace Eannace stands behind our HydroPro partners with a No Quibble Guarantee. What this means is that if you properly install the Wallace Eannace represented products to the manufacturer’s guidelines and are dissatisfied with the performance of the product within the first year, we will pay the labor and materials to remove it and provide a full refund for the product.

Lochinvar/ B&G Gift Card*

Wallace Eannace will give a Visa prepaid credit card for every Lochinvar or Bell & Gossett product purchased and registered, per schedule below.

Lochinvar Knight Boiler:   $25 HydroPro /  $36 HydroPro Plus

Lochinvar Noble Boiler:    $15 HydroPro  /  $22 HydroPro Plus

Bell & Gossett Circulator:  $7 HydroPro /  $14 HydroPro Plus

*Registration required

Social Media Platform

Working with Wallace Eannace’s marketing firm, we will build one (1) social media platform for your company.  Platforms include:

Press Release Format & Post*

Working with Wallace Eannace’s marketing firm, we will complete press releases for your company that will be posted on multiple industry specific social media platforms, including your own.
*Contractor to complete Press Release Form.

Co-Op Marketing*

Wallace Eannace will contribute to your marketing activities, with an equal dollar match, anytime you promote your company and *Wallace Eannace supported brands.  The Co-Op Marketing contribution by Wallace Eannace are up to the following amounts, per year:

$500 – HydroPro
$1,000 – HydroPro Plus

Monthly Raffle Prize

Wallace Eannace, working with its network of wholesale distributors, engages in raffle games and giveaways.  Prizes include items like:

•Flat panel TV
•Laptop Computers
•Events – Tickets
•Visa Gift Cards
For every raffle ticket obtained at a participating wholesale distributor, HydroPro member’s tickets are multiplied to the following schedule, increasing your chance to win:
1 Ticket = 2 Tickets:  HydroPro
1 Ticket = 3 Tickets:  HydroPro Plus
Award Ceremony

Every year, Wallace Eannace throws an award ceremony at an exclusive NYC restaurant where it recognizes its HydroPro Plan Members and distributes awards for top performers.  This ceremony is available to the contractor firm owner and one (1) guest.